Emigranter  over  Kristiania  1. april  1927...

Kristian Berg  f. 11.07.1908 - d. 18.09.1944

"The Edmontons were in reserve in case the initial assault came up short. In the event, that was what happened, and, late on 18 September, the battalion launched an attack on a group of stone houses occupied by the Germans. A and C Companies suffered 20 dead and 37 wounded in the attack and at first light remained pinned down by the Germans. They were ordered to stay in position while B and D Companies worked their way around to the left. By nightfall, they had reached the Ausa River and the Canadians were ready to renew the attack."

Source: The Loyal Edmonton Regiment Military Museum - Lenke

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Tekst og bilde er avfotografert i boken Våre Falne - side 239.
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Personnel of the Loyal Edmonton Regiment filling a jeep with gasoline, San Lorenzo in Monte, Italy, ca. 22 September 1944.

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